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13.5-32.0T Heavy Duty Forklift



Range covered:13.5–32.0 Ton
The Samuk heavy duty forklift adopts the latest ergonomics technologies and concepts in designing and manufacturing. The forklift with low cost of ownership, superior visibility, unmatched productivity, safety and ergonomics designing for operator in toughest environments.
*Driving & transmission system:
High performance USA CUMMINS engine with EUIII/EPA standards , with Engine protection system, sensing low oil pressure and high coolant temperature monitors for the engine excellent environmental performance .
The advanced and efficient German ZF transmission with fully reversible power shift control,3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, positive speed engagement, customer orientated service ability, etc.
German KESSLER drive Axle, which provides excellent lateral stability and long-term durability. Full floating axle shafts and hub planetary final drives reduce axle windup to deliver higher torque to the drive wheels allowing greater tractive effort and performance.
*Electrical system:
The incorporation of a CAN-Bus system allows for a seamless connection of the vehicle Control Module (VMC) and Engine Control Module (ECM). This allows immediate exchange and accessibility to all data. Additional benefits include a significant reduction in wiring as well as increased functionality over conventional systems. The CAN-Bus system also delivers excellent reliability and full diagnosis capabilities, simplifying the servicing of the truck.
*Hydraulic & braking system:
Parker hydraulic system from USA which is less impact and low noise. The high quality hydraulic components and rational distribution of the pipes helps to control the oil pressure and highly improved the forklift performance.
Multi-plate wet disc braking system supplied by USA MICO offers more effective and reliable braking.
*Ergonomics design:
The forklift equip with full closed ROPS cabin, heater, air conditioner, fire extinguisher, full suspension seat , camera to ensure the safety and comfort for the operator. The wide view mast and ergonomics cabin provides a panoramic 360 degree visibility
The standard manual+ power hydraulic tilting cabin to ensure easy access to major components for inspection and maintenance.